Cynthia at Kiambu is looking for a warm blood gentleman who’s not dramatic and always drunk


Hello Admin,My name is Cynthia, and I am currently seeking a warm-hearted gentleman for companionship. I value qualities such as warmth, lack of drama, and sobriety in a partner. Loneliness has been a constant companion, and I’m eager to change that.

Allow me to share a bit about myselfI consider myself a creative, purposeful, and passionate individual with an open-minded approach to life. I have a warm heart, and my love for animals is something that brings me immense joy. I’m naturally curious and strive not to judge others based on their beliefs or opinions.

Financially stable due to my position at work, I have never sought a relationship for socialist reasons. My interests include the sea and finding solace in the comfort of my home.

I’m here in search of a genuine connection, and I’m looking for a pure-hearted man who is not prone to drama and avoids excessive drinking. I’m ready for a meaningful relationship, and I hope to find someone who shares similar sentiments.

If there’s a potential match out there, I’m open and ready for hookups.

Want connection with Cynthia ? For Instant Hookups Kindly Text/WhatsApp Admin Brenda on 0726955672. Hookup Fee Is 650

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