Looking for a Genuine Connection: Meet Tabby, 38yrs, Sugar mummy from Kasarani


I am Tabby, an independent woman living in Kasarani and aged 38. Having gone through various life experiences, I have realized the value of building authentic relationships.

As a result, I am in search of a special person who can add immense happiness and satisfaction to my life.

I am strongly convinced that there is immense beauty in genuinely familiarizing ourselves with each other, partaking in mutual experiences, and building something meaningful in collaboration.

As a result, I am in pursuit of an extraordinary individual who deeply cherishes these principles and is ready for a path characterized by partnership, encouragement, and even moments of delightful merriment.

If you have a genuine interest in building a connection based on mutual respect and shared interests with me, and if you prioritize kindness and sincerity in your personal qualities,

If you are seeking a sugar mummy or daddy,

please contact Brenda via text or WhatsApp at 0722904786

for immediate and confidential connection.
The cost of connecting the service is 650 Kes

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