Susan Sugar Babe Needs Mature Guy For Companion and intimacy


Hello Madam Brenda, just learned about this website yesterday and am impressed with the services it offers. Susan lives in Lavington but mostly I spend my day in Nairobi since I do business here.

 I’m in requests of a mature guy above 30, dated several young guys but none could satisfy me. Am looking for a mature gentleman for companionship and intimacy. I believe you are in the best position to know who suits me. Kindly connect me, I just paid the amount you requested, and my photo is attached.

Got interested in Susan? Text or WhatsApp Admin Brenda on0726955672 

We have Published only those who have accepted to be posted to the public 

Some have not used their real identity due to privacy

Those interested clients that are not posted will be viewed upon application


 The Local Connection is KSH 650

The International Connection is $15

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